Principal/Owner/Designer; Shannon Nicole, has been around and involved in several areas of Architecture, Fashion, Design, Real Estate Development, and Project Management since childhood.

As a result attended FIDM_ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising_ in LA, Ca. to pursue a career in the Fashion Design / Journalism Industry but decided to switch majors for her other passion to study Interior Design with a basis in Architecture.

From FIDM, Shannon Nicole transferred to AIS_Art Institute of Seattle_ in Seattle, Wa. While attending college, Shannon Nicole worked in many areas from personal styling at Fred Segal on Melrose, LA. Ca. to interning with the Architecture Firm, NBBJ in Seattle, Wa. 

Shannon Nicole choose to pursue the world of "FreeLance Designing" in areas of Commercial and High End Residential. Eventually that choice resulted in the creation of Shannon Nicole Design to bring the best of Interior Design with a strong focus on Architecture & Design flair to clients.

When designing a Residential Application it can be an emotional and personal process so it is important to consider and reflect a space my clients will connect with. On the other side when designing for a Commercial Application the demographic determines how the space is anticipated to used and the atmosphere that will represent the business' aesthetic, intent, and purpose for those that are to be using the space keeping the Patron Point of View and the Owner/Operators view in order to best provide service to the patrons. 

Approach to Designing

Aesthetically Designed, Well Planned, Executed Meticulously!! Good design is only as good as the people behind the project.

 I want to inspire and peak interests in my clients to expose them to something that appeals to them while pushing them away from the predictable.  I love to find and help create what is desired and challenge design boundaries that result in an aesthetic and atmosphere which my clients love and want to spend time within.

Design is Limitless; between color, texture, tiles, metals, and mixing_re-purposing how products are used is making design now more interesting, usable, and beautiful then it has been in years. 

I take on the roll of being the direct "Liaison / Point of Contact" between my clients and any other trade or establishment involved for quality control of the design. After over 20 years in the business I continue to value the integrity and amount of time put into making every decision from those that are left behind for whatever reason, to those that end-up as the final result. 

 At the end of the project, I want it to represent the clients wishes and desires with my influence being subtly stated in the background or front and center at the clients discretion. 

_Shannon Nicole

In theory

Modern & Classical Designs should be taken from the history and culture throughout the decades influenced from the Architecture, Fashion, Travel, Leisure, Lifestyle, and Art Worlds.

Interpreting these influences and mixing them into our modern times such as the "Pop and Urban" culture that lies within the "Town & Country" culture contributes to todays choice of "Lifestyle Elements".

 Each client has his or her own personality, cultural influences and history, likes and dislikes which all become the template to achieve the "Design Aesthetic". 

_Shannon Nicole